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Arizona Seniors on the Move

What We Do

The focus of the Arizona Seniors On The Move program is to assist seniors in their transition to a new more manageable home, or care facility. There is often fear of the unknown involved when moving as a senior, and we want to make the transition to a new lifestyle comfortable. We partner with top senior care facilities and vendors to ensure a no fuss, easy transaction. We will process the sale of your previous home, and assist in the search for a new one. Along the way, our life coaches and team members will be there to support YOU through the process!

Our Roots

The Seniors On The Move team was formed in 2019 by real estate agents belonging to The Laughton Team at My Home Group. Founded in 2007 in Peoria, Arizona, The Laughton Team is family owned by George and Jennifer Laughton. The Laughton Team is regarded as one of the top real estate teams in the United States, and has since expanded to several other markets. The team is operated by an extremely talented team of business and real estate professionals, that pride themselves in doing business the right way- putting the clients needs first and only doing transparent, ethical transactions.

As the proprietor to the Seniors On The Move program, The Laughton Team is proud to continue to serve their communities and our seniors through this program.

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