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Standard vs. Itemized Deduction: Which O...

imacon/iStock Standard versus itemized deduction: Which one should you claim? If this question is weighing heavily on your mind as you file your taxes this year—or you’re wondering what may be i [more]
by Dalton Herring
Feb 15, 2018

Small Updates, Big Return: 5 Ways to Inc...

No matter your budget, there’s always an upgrade or two that’ll up the resale ante. Whether your home improvements are for you or potential buyers, consider their impact on your home’s pot [more]
by Dalton Herring
Feb 12, 2018

Changes to Capital Gains Taxes Could Rad...

Selling the median U.S. home after four years of ownership would mean $2,363 in taxes, from $0 currently. The U.S. House and Senate have changed the residency requirement to five of the past eight yea [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 29, 2018

How a government shutdown impacts real e...

Loan approvals and mortgages could be delayed, but experts think the housing market would bounce back. With a dispute in the Senate over the immigration program DACA still unresolved, the government s [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 22, 2018

Get Smart on Down Payments

Chris Gash Picking the right house is just one of the big decisions you’ll face when buying property. Deciding on the down payment is another. Low inventory in some national markets continues to press [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 10, 2018

Tempe is No. 1 U.S. growth city but Ariz...

Tempe has come in at the top of the table for growth in 2017. That is according to a new report by U-Haul International. U-Haul ranked U.S. cities on the number of truck rentals to those destinations. [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 09, 2018