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3 Things Home Buyers Should Know About t...

The new law aims to open up access to credit by loosening regulations on small- and medium-size banks. Since the new law doesn’t change the rules for the largest banks, it shouldn’t make the financial [more]
by Dalton Herring
May 29, 2018

Changes to Capital Gains Taxes Could Rad...

Selling the median U.S. home after four years of ownership would mean $2,363 in taxes, from $0 currently. The U.S. House and Senate have changed the residency requirement to five of the past eight yea [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 29, 2018

How a government shutdown impacts real e...

Loan approvals and mortgages could be delayed, but experts think the housing market would bounce back. With a dispute in the Senate over the immigration program DACA still unresolved, the government s [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jan 22, 2018

Real Estate Trends That Will Shape 2018

Ravitaliy/iStock We’re almost there: the long-awaited home stretch of 2017. And quite a year it’s been! Already, we can’t help imagining what developments next year might bring to the wild world [more]
by Dalton Herring
Nov 29, 2017

10 Years After the Crash The Real Estate...

As anniversaries go, it’s a nerve-racking but inescapable one: It’s been 10 long years since the widespread real estate crash that precipitated the Great Recession, and all the misery that [more]
by Dalton Herring
Nov 13, 2017

What You Need To Know About Home Improve...

When we bought our first house, it was perfect. Well, except for the 40-year-old heater. And the green kitchen with beige appliances circa the 1970s. And the creepy basement. (But otherwise perfect.) [more]
by Dalton Herring
Sep 19, 2017