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Why so many businesses are fleeing Calif...

California’s tax and regulatory policies have made the cost of doing business more expensive than other states and prompted about 10,000 companies over the last eight years to leave the state or shift [more]
by Dalton Herring
Aug 18, 2016

Google Fiber may come to Phoenix via wir...

Google Fiber may be coming to Phoenix after two years, but in a different way than envisioned. The internet giant is exploring wireless technology to bring its high-speed internet offering to the regi [more]
by Dalton Herring
Aug 16, 2016

U.S. News & World Report Ranks Ariz...

U.S. News & World Report released its 27th annual Best Hospitals rankings in an effort to help patients make more informed health care decisions Click on the hospital photo below for a countdown o [more]
by Dalton Herring
Aug 02, 2016

Phoenix Named 8th Best City to Invest in...

These days everyone wants to be the next big-time real estate mogul. And why not? It entails a lifetime of partying with the Hollywood elite, flying on personal jets emblazoned with your name, putting [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jul 25, 2016

Downtown Phoenix Looking To Revitalize I...

The sprawling metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona, the sixth largest city in the US, sits at the northeastern edge of the scorching Sonoran desert, and is a poster child for our car-centric development mod [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jul 21, 2016

Two Ways to Compare Renting vs. Owning a...

When you’re doing the math, make sure you’ve got all the data you need. One of the hottest topics in housing is whether it’s better to rent or buy a home. The answer always changes based o [more]
by Dalton Herring
Jul 19, 2016