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The Laughton Team Has Partnered Up With Heart For The City of Arizona To Give Back To Our Community

by Dalton Herring on December 12, 2017

“Giving back to our community, helping others and building stronger relationships is all a part of our mission here at The Laughton Team. We feel blessed to be able to provide support to an organization that does such a wonderful job of assisting at risk inner city youth to improve their situations and find more fulfillment, joy and success in their lives. We thank you for your support of our association with Heart for the City.

Heart for the City has been working tirelessly to do whatever it takes to raise up a new generation that challenges the physical, psychological, intellectual, social and emotional walls that trap inner city youth. They do this by working with the WHOLE kid. Not just through sports, not just through education, not just through mentoring, not just through job training—but, a program that breaks down the walls in these dimensions of an at-risk youth’s life.”

More info on Heart for the City here.


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