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New Rankings For Phoenix Area School Districts Based On 2015 SAT Scores

by Dalton Herring on October 18, 2016

Preparing students for college and career is a top priority among employers looking for a qualified workforce.

One way to determine if students are prepared for the rigors of college is looking at college entrance exam scores, such as the College Board’s SAT test.

basicFor a look at a ranking of school districts in the Phoenix area, click on the photo above.

Each district included in the ranking has the average 2015 SAT score of all high schools within that district whose scores were recorded by the College Board and the Arizona Department of Education. If a school did not have a score listed, it was not calculated into the average.

There are three possible reasons under which the Arizona Department of Education omitted the average score for a particular school, said Charles Tack, public information officer for the state education department.

• If the state education department had no results from the College Board for that school for that year

• If the enrollment data for that school for that fiscal year did not match the first and last name and date of birth of any of the students in the College Board file

• if less than 10 students had matched test scores for that year

“These factors were put in place to ensure that the data would accurately reflect the performance of each school,” Tack said.

Click here for a look at district rankings, based on 2014 SAT scores.

Individual rankings of the top 50 high schools in Arizona based on 2015 SAT scores can be seen here.

You can compare those rankings to 2014 SAT scores by clicking here.



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