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Phoenix-Scottsdale listed as the No. 3 location for snowbirds

by Dalton Herring on October 24, 2016
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Arizona has always been a premiere spot for people to escape during the cold, fleeting months of winter.

Now, Travel + Leisure has put together a list of the best locations that don’t necessarily resemble a “winter wonderland” and the Phoenix-Scottsdale combo came in at number three.

‘For travelers, this Arizona metropolis is all about timing. Between the holiday season and spring break, Phoenix ranks high, but its blistering summer heatwaves keep visitors at bay. A trip here usually means days spent shopping, golfing, or lounging around the spa, and then turning in early. Phoenix exactly known for its nightlife.’

While many people may have something to say regarding the “lack of nightlife”, Phoenix’s blistering summer is one of the main reasons so many snowbirds flock to the Grand Canyon state.

According to Weather.com, Phoenix will experience 90 or above degree weather during the final week of October. Not many states around America can proudly make that claim.

When the weather does ease up a bit, it typically dips down to as low as the 50’s or 60’s during the evening. That’s more than bearable for anyone coming down from places such as Wisconsin, Minnesota or somewhere on the east coast.

T+L also mentions that many snowbirds are not necessarily looking for places that have the beachy paradise vibe, but rather, simply nice weather, possibly some seasonal activities and affordability.


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