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Sounds and Smells For Your Home

by Dalton Herring on February 10, 2014

When selling your home, the atmosphere you create as a part of a staged home are very important. The prospective home buyer, needs to be relaxed and at ease to imagine themselves living in your home. Below are a few tips for adding a special touch and creating atmosphere for your home.

Music Subtlety is Key
This is not a rock concert! The key to nice music in the home that is staged is volume. You want the volume as faint as possible. The music should go almost unnoticed, the goal is to relax and create a pleasant experience for the prospective home buyer.

Music For the Main Rooms
Make sure to have subtle music playing in the main rooms of your house. Set up inconspicuous speakers. This includes your living room, main entry way, kitchen, etc.

Music For the Bathroom and Bedrooms
Try a slightly different effect in these rooms. Sound effects, water or Rain Forest would be great in these rooms. Again, a good rule is low volume.

Light Piano
Light Piano music is great for the staged home. Piano is generally liked by all people, and can have very relaxing effects on the brain. This choice is recommended for a luxury style home

Easy Listening
Easy listening combines piano along with many other instruments to produce an unique and relaxing sound. No Elevator music! You do not want your home buyer to feel like they are in a drug store. This choice is recommended for a modern, warm home feel.

Light Jazz
Be careful, some Jazz is very noisy! However, light Jazz is often relaxing and pleasant and can add an acre of elegance to your home. This choice is recommended for a classic, traditional home feel.

Soothing Sounds
There are many atmosphere soundtracks that have wonderful atmospheric sounds. ocean sounds, rain forest , and sounds of nature, are just a few examples.

Fabulous Fragrance
Another way to relax and entice the prospective buyer is to make sure your house smells great. Use subtle fragrance including linen sprays, potpourri, scented candles to add an appropriate sensory atmosphere.

Natural Fragrance
Don’t count out nature! Many flowers, plants , and small trees and shrubs create wonderful natural fragrances. Have some fun!

Fragrance Arranging
Make sure to choose appropriate fragrances for different rooms in your house. Stay away from mixing fragrance, and strong fragrance. Choose subtle spice or cinnamon for kitchen, and elegant floral or freesia type scents for bathrooms.

Aromatherapy | Audio Relaxation
Many studies prove the senses have strong affect on our state of being. Aroma therapy and audio relaxation are serious techniques used to create a pleasant state of being, and are extremely effective in mood elevation.


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