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Top 50 High Schools in Arizona by 2015 SAT Scores

by Dalton Herring on August 31, 2016

In a new ranking of the top 50 Arizona public high schools, charter schools dominated the top 10, based on 2015 SAT test scores.

Click on the school photo below for a countdown of the top 50 public high schools in Arizona, as ranked by 2015 SAT test scores.


Charter schools — which are run by private companies (and by school districts in a few cases) that receive state funding to provide a free education to students — have had a strong presence in the top ranking by SAT score over the past several years.

Earlier this year we brought you rankings based on 2014 SAT test scores and now we have 2015 scores to share.

You can also look at the rankings based on 2013 SAT test scores and rankings for the year before that can be found here.

High rankings on the SAT test are a good indication of college readiness, which in turn prepares students for the workforce, according to the College Board, which administers the SAT test.

Phoenix-based Maps & Facts Inc. created a map that shows the top 10 metro Phoenix public high schools and how each performed on the 2015 SAT test. Because the map is based on attendance boundaries, it does not include charter schools, said Paul Johnson, founder of Maps & Facts.

For a closer look at the secret sauce behind the success of two local charter schools, click here.

By: Angela Gonzales covers health, biotech and education.


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